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Located in via Bafile, in the heart of Jesolo Lido, the Tempini is the restaurant where you can eat in a large indoor area or outdoor terrace on the upper floor: here you can enjoy the sunshine during the day of the fresh air of summer evenings.


The Tempini Restaurant opened in 1952 as a specialty friggitoria. In 2020 it was taken over by the Fontebasso family who renovated the restaurant maintaining its’ excellent staff and its’ successful menu, introducing the production of homemade pasta as the spearhead of the new management.

The venue

The Tempini Restaurant is spread out across two floors but this does not impede those who may have difficulty moving around. The second floor is accessible via stairs or a special lift similar to old phone boxes. With the arrival of warmer seasons guests can enjoy the outdoor terrace.

Our products

The Tempini Restaurant is also a shop where you can purchase local homemade products such as fresh pasta, balsamic vinegar, spreads, focaccia, chocolate and Panettone. Here you can also find accessories such as canvas shoppers, towels, sunglasses and t-shirts.

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